Awaken Your
Lightleader Within 

Ready for more FREEDOM in your life 
AND making a bigger difference?

WELCOME! You are in the right place.

 I´m calling in the new paradigm of lightleaders!

Do you remember why you came here to this earth?  

Can you feel it pulsating within you?

Tell me, did you come here to play small?

Or was it to step up, live your full potential and lead in your light?

 Was it to make a big positive impact in this world for yourself and others?  

As a sovereign human being, supported by other like-minded heart-led souls?

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Manifest Your Freedom Business & Life 
-While Creating a Positive Impact in The World

 Imagine what you would do if you had the income and freedom you desire.
  So that you can be FULLY  YOU and share your unique gift.
Give to the world from a full cup.

You don´t need to know HOW to do it right now.

  All you need to do at this moment is to say a big “ YES ” to this.  

I promise that there is a clear pathway for you.

And that´s why I´m here for you.

Hi there, wonderful you! 

I'm Patricia, a holistic life and business coach and founder of The Lightleader podcast and Lightleaders World.

I support those who want to have a thriving life and career full of freedom and impact through a unique business model and proven vehicle.

I've guided thousands of people through courses and healing modalities, helping them live the life their souls yearn for— overcoming limited beliefs and fears.

As your coach and mentor, I support your business and life growth in a sustainable, epic way with the most supportive community and successful leaders on the planet.

We are a big community worldwide that makes it possible for people like you to build a sustainable future when it comes to money, time and health.

This shift elevates your personal growth to a life of your wildest dreams if you are committed and ready.

Ready for this magical ride? 

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Stories from our community...

 Jessica Bellofatto, a successful entrepreneur and yoga teacher for 30 years, found this business model and platform that was the answer to her prayers. She now has location independence and does not trade hours for dollars. After starting this additional business 2 years ago, she was able to completely transform and alter the trajectory of her life. She is forever grateful for the platform and the community that supports her in living the life she always wanted. 

 Sabre Bruffy, a performance artist, wanted to turn her passion into profit in her business. She was living the nomadic dream with location freedom but the financial piece never really supported her. This platform and business model checked all the boxes she didn't even know needed to be checked. It allows her to fit it with whatever she wants in her life and what she wants to create. She now has her own place, dancing studio and content creation room. She is able to create a monthly income for life and be able to pass that on to future generations. 

Brooke W March,  conscious parenting coach and medical freedom activist, was searching for a way out of motherhood slumber. She had 57000 dollars in debt and just wanted a way to be paid to be herself and stop playing a small life. When she found this model her life changed quickly. She is now completely depth free and free to do whatever she wants, whenever, surrounded by other freedom thinkers that want to make a change in the world.

So let me introduce you to...  

The Freedom Business model 

☑️  A MODEL that will INCREASE YOUR WEALTH over time. 
 Something that will start to bring in money by itself without you needing to work more for it to happen.
☑️  A PROVEN MODEL that you KNOW will work
if you follow it that is used by multi-millionaires worldwide. Something that can give you legacy wealth.  

☑️ Automated systems that support you to work SMART, not hard; 
to work LESS, but more efficiently and effectively. This way, you can spend more time in your favourite places with your favourite people. And have time to pursue your passions.  
☑️ Freedom to work from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, 
which happens when you work online. You wish to see more of this world than an ordinary 9-5 job can give you and spend time in your favourite places with your favourite people.

☑️ Be MENTORED by people who SUCCESSFULLY have gone before you  and know what to do and what to avoid.


that keeps your motivation high, giving you role models and forming a beautiful connection. 

So this is for…

💥 YOU who want more wealth to create and live from

💥 YOU who want more time to enjoy  

💥 YOU who want the freedom to choose where and when you work.  
💥 YOU who want to choose what you wanna create and do on a daily basis.

💥 YOU that KNOWS you're here for something bigger;  in other words, YOU are here to make a difference!

But you also know this...    

🔥 IT TAKES SOMETHING to get there. You know it's not enough to sit and hope  for it to come to you like magic.  

🔥 You are prepared to become very resourceful NOW  to achieve everything you want LATER.    

🔥 You know that when you get on to your mission,  you will be on FIRE!    

🔥 You know you just need the RIGHT FOCUS, TOOLS AND VEHICLE  to take you there.  

🔥 Because then you can drive the whole way to your desired destination.

If you resonate with this,

Let´s jump on a Freedom call!  

I'm Giving Away a FREE Freedom call these upcoming days!

So, how does the call work?

✔ The call is entirely free
 and you will not be pressured into something.  I´m simply here to support the ones who are ready.

  ✔ I don´t speak to everybody
and through the booking process, we will already see if this is a match for you.  

  ✔ It doesn't matter if you already have an existing business or not.
 All that matters is that you WANT something that can give you and others more freedom and sustainability in life and are READY enough.

 ✔ When you have booked your call, you will immediately get more details
 about how this Freedom business looks like

 ✔ You will answer some questions during your booking that will give us great information 
 on how we can map out your plan for success.      

 what I offer...


Build a new or additional income stream that brings freedom and impact

This pathway is for impact-driven visionaries with big hearts.
It's for those who desire to make a bigger difference in the world than they currently do.

Your passion lies in creating a healthier, more environmentally friendly world where freedom is the guiding star.

You don't shy away from the fact that money can support that change when it falls into the right hands, including yours.

 As a member of my community, you'll receive full support in your personal growth, allowing you to go out and build it your way.

You'll gain access to a high-level vehicle and a unique business model, providing a mind-blowing opportunity to build sustainable wealth for life!

You'll have the opportunity to work from wherever you want, whenever you want, and create a financial foundation without limits.

Additionally, you'll support others in doing the same and serve as a lighthouse for creating sustainable holistic health and wealth.

The Lightleader Podcast

This podcast is for you that is a soul-led entrepreneur that want to grow joyfully within yourself and your business while creating a better world

Online courses in Swedish - Online kurser på svenska

följ din själs längtan

Follow your soul's longing - a short but very powerful online course in Swedish that will kick-start your next-level life.

En kort men otroligt kraftfull online kurs på svenska som kickar igång nästa nivå i ditt liv!


The Swedish-speaking course "Soul-led" will transform your life on so many levels - and create a sustainable change if you implement all the tools you get served here.  Earlier participants have seen a remarkable change in their self-love, confidence, relationship, carrier and health due to their determination to practise this guidance.

Den svenskspråkiga kursen "Själsledd"  kommer att förändra ditt liv på så många plan – och skapa en hållbar förändring om du implementerar alla verktyg du får serverat här. Tidigare deltagare har sett en anmärkningsvärd förändring i sin självkärlek, självförtroende, relation, bärare och hälsa på grund av deras beslutsamhet att utöva denna vägledning.


"The course changed my life and the way I think. When I had completed the course, they were clear that I would not just let my dream be a dream. Now, I have helped close to 300 people with their health and well-being. I'm so glad I dared to take the step and started up." 

Stephanie Saidra
Swedish fasting therapist
IG: fasta.tillsammans

"This course was a push in the right direction, into the FULL flow of life with love as a guide from my heart. I had felt flow before but now the speed of the flow was increased and important phenomena and people were drawn to me. What was revealed to me during the course is what I now call soul healing and Soulcoaching in my company. To guide people to their spiritual heart so that they can be guided to what is most important to them in life, and to start living fully according to these values.." 

Eva-Lotta Rundberg


I knew that this course would change my life in one way or another, but did not yet consider that it would actually do so in the long term as well and not only just now . I have  now set boundaries like never before in all aspects of my life. I have truly reclaimed my power in relationships and my professional role and feel a heightened frequency on a physical level." 

Rebecka Sretenovic

Singer, actress and songwriter

Don´t hesitate to contact me!

"My career has gone so much forward. I work with what I love. By that, I mean that I work with what I always dreamt of working with. It was terrifying when I started out, but the coaching helped me so much with this. I don't think I would have been where I am today if I hadn't done the coaching. I don't think I would have dared to take the steps that I have taken. I have become more confident than ever after the coaching with Patricia. Don´t hesitate to get the coaching from her, she will change your life forever." 

Hanna Hattsson
Author of " Happy Jobs"

" I was a bit stuck in my life, having goals that I didn't achieve and needed support to move forward. The energy of great joy and playfulness that Patricia holds was something I was drawn to since that is something I wanted to further develop within me together with my goals. After these coaching series with her, I have connected so much deeper with my feminine power. People around me have seen this shift and commented that I am so happy and grounded. I feel that this coaching has been very transformative and supportive. I have got the strength to start my own company, rent out my house and I will now travel the world! .." 

Stina Bellman

 " When I saw the opportunity for Patricia's coaching, a light lit up within me. It became the catalyst for a change within me. My friends have noticed a significant transformation in me, with much more clarity and focus during the coaching. The coaching has provided me with so much clarity that I can step back and observe myself and the situation instead of reacting to my emotions. I needed to establish a much more solid foundation for my self-esteem to reach my dreams. I've gained so many tools that I can use to continue. It has been an inspiring, nurturing, and beautiful journey.

Sara Broman

Sing- and songwriter

"Patricia’s coaching is so gentle and direct. The underlying feeling is joy and lust for life. She helped me in only a few sessions to get in contact with the lustful parts of my life. It was helping me shift the focus and while doing it in a pleasurable way, I also made huge steps towards my ambitions and goals both privately and professionally." 

Maria Obed

" I was impressed from the start of my coaching journey by the time and care that Patricia took with guiding me in setting an intention for the process. She is professional and dedicated, taking her role seriously while bringing joy and warmth to the experience. She has a gift for seeing the larger picture and for meeting everything as it comes. It's clear that Patrcia has life experience, learning and professional competence - all of which make her a great coach!" 


Artist and writer

 " Patricia was the most gorgeous, heart-centered and compassionate coach. I felt so safe in her presence and was able to work through so much resistance to achieve my goals. Patricia's enthusiasm and passion for women and her work were inspiring. I loved every bit of working together!  "

Bridget Allan

 Intuitive and Soul-Centred Life Coach

"Patricia is a highly competent and courageous woman who, in an inspiring manner, conducts coaching sessions both for groups and one-on-one. She's one of those who has personally experienced what she talks about, and she's generous in sharing herself, sharing both strengths and fears that others can easily relate to. It can give you the feeling of 'if she can, then so can I.' I find it so comforting that she dares to show all of her facets, not just the beautiful and polished ones, which truly allows me to relax in the understanding that I am perfect just as I am.  Patricia is a woman who practices what she preaches, she is a great inspiration, and she provides concrete advice that is easy to embrace. Her guidance is for those willing to take responsibility for their own path and life, and for those delving deeper into their journey toward healing, stepping into their power, self-respect, and unity, whether as a single woman or in partnership with their significant other. I wholeheartedly recommend her! Her knowledge is much needed, especially in times when fear is prevalent in the world, and women are taking significant leaps forward in blooming and empowerment, with or without their man (yet) by their side."." 

Sophia Mörn, Hyposyntes Coach
Hyposyntes Coach

" I feel a greater inner calm, and my confidence in my ability to handle things has grown, even though I still have a long way to go. Just the feeling of being on the path, of taking those first small steps, is fantastic.  It's like a seed for a beautiful plant that has been sown into my heart, and with time, it will grow and bear flowers and fruits if I continue to water it. And that's what I want to do. I am truly very happy and grateful to have been on this journey and experienced so much inspiration and sisterly warmth.  The course material itself was very rewarding and comprehensive, but it was also Patricia's warm-hearted and inspiring leadership and interactions with other course participants through live sessions, sharing with sisters, and the Facebook group." 


 " Every session with Patricia has been pure magic and provided exactly what I need! Even when we hadn't been in contact for six months and we had a spontaneous session, she managed to guide me in precisely the right direction, and so much was resolved! Even when it's unclear to me what I need help with, she tunes in and suggests the exact right exercises, asks the right questions, and helps me feel exactly what I need to. The level I reach with Patricia is so much deeper than with any other coach, and I feel completely safe opening up to her. She is such a wonderful and warm-hearted person who exudes strength, love, sharpness, and humour. I highly recommend her! "