So, are You Ready to Shift from Playing Small

A Freedom-based Life 
Living Your Potential?

If you are truly ready to live a freedom-based life now, then you don't want to miss what I have for you on this page.
Because the life you desire has the potential to happen faster
than you think...

NEXT STEP and my gift to YOU who really want to create a FREEDOM-BASED LIFE:
 Schedule your FREE Freedom session.

 My organisation and I, will PERSONALLY GUIDE YOU 
through how YOU can manifest YOUR FREEDOM with a PROVEN model. 
You will get the EXACT formula by taking part in a POWERFUL MASTERCLASS
 that gives you ALL THE DETAILS. 
You get access to this AFTER SCHEDULING a personalised call with us.

Hey there, visionaire!

There's a big chance that if you've landed on this page...
you are where I was not too long ago.

Because if you are like me, I know that you desire more.

πŸ’₯ You want more wealth to create and live from

πŸ’₯ You want more time to enjoy

πŸ’₯ You want the freedom to choose where and when you work.

 πŸ’₯ You want to choose what you wanna create and do on a daily basis.  

πŸ’₯ You're here for something bigger;

 in other words, YOU are here to make a difference!  

πŸ’₯ And you've sent out a wish for guidance

 on how to make it all happen. 


Because you might already:

🚩 Feeling exhausted from your current job.

 πŸš© Checking your retirement funds and not sure whether to laugh or cry.

🚩 Worrying about how to create a financially sustainable future for your loved ones.

🚩  If you own a business,  you feeling stressed about constantly coming up with new products or services.

🚩 Already tried different business approaches that didn't work so well.

This is what has happened for others who chosen this Freedom business model:

β€œI went from a nearly burn-out mum and teacher to now creating the freedom and sovereignty in my life that I have dreamed of. After a year in this freedom business, I quit my job as a teacher, became present with my children and husband and stopped trading work for hours.  We now live on a farm, supporting others to a more holistic, healthy, free and sovereign life. I have attracted business partners into my world that are amazing high-achiever leaders that have become close friends and like a family.

Maneka Hellenberg, Sweden

"After saying yes to building this Freedom business, my whole life and being has transformed. I now live a life in paradise in Mexico, feeling better, freer, and stronger than ever. I have amazing people around me who support me, and I also got to support others to become digital nomads and fulfil their dreams."

Claudia Freedom, Mexico

"My entrepreneurship in Bear Mama Medicine would never have come to fruition in this way, in this form, if I hadn't started my second online business four years ago. It has created opportunities I couldn't dream of before. Having complete control over MY TIME is such a luxury, and being able to work from anywhere is MAGICAL. I love my online business, and it generates my generous income with cash flow so that I can create & do MORE of what I LOVE."

Maria Carlsson, France

Because look,
 to make this happen, you want...

Something that will INCREASE YOUR WEALTH over time.  
Something that will start to bring in money by itself without you needing to work more for it to happen.

β˜‘οΈ  A PROVEN MODEL that you KNOW will work if you follow it that is used by multi-millionaires worldwide.
Something that can give you legacy wealth.

 β˜‘️ Automated systems that support you to work SMART, not hard; 
to work LESS, but more efficiently and effectively.
This way, you can spend more time in your favourite places 

with your favourite people. And have time to pursue your passions.

  β˜‘οΈ Freedom to work from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, which happens when you work online.
You wish to see more of this world than an ordinary 9-5 job can give you

and spend time in your favourite places with your favourite people.

 β˜‘️ Be MENTORED by people who SUCCESSFULLY have gone before you
 that knows what to do and what to avoid
β˜‘οΈ An uplifting,  SUPPORTING COMMUNITY that keeps your motivation high,
 giving you role models and form a beautiful connection

But you also know this...
 πŸ”₯ IT TAKES SOMETHING to get there.
You know it's not enough to sit and hope 

for it to come to you like magic.

πŸ”₯ You are prepared to become very resourceful NOW 
to achieve everything you want LATER.  

πŸ”₯ You know that when you get on to your mission, 

you will be on FIRE!  

πŸ”₯ You know you just need the RIGHT FOCUS, TOOLS AND VEHICLE 

to take you there. 

Because then you can drive the whole way to your desired destination. 

Watch the videos of folks who have shifted their lives with this business model

Hear Lisa Foggon's story, transitioning from a hardworking nurse to becoming a present mom travelling full-time with the family.

Listen to how Magdalena Rod went from broke and scarcity to success, abundance and freedom, building her own center in Bali.

Hear Suzie Cobden's journey from broke, sleeping on friends' sofas and hiding to, in her 60s, building a successful team without any earlier tech skills and being paid to be herself

If you resonate with this, 
LetΒ΄s jump on a Freedom call!

So, how does the call work?

βœ” The call is completely free, and you will not be pressured into something. 
IΒ΄m simply here to support the ones who are ready.

βœ” I donΒ΄t speak to everybody, and through the booking process, we will already see if this is a match for you.  

βœ” It doesn't matter if you already have an existing business or not.
All that matters is that you WANT something that can give you and others more freedom and sustainability in life and are READY enough.

βœ” When you have booked your call, you will immediately get more details about how this Freedom business looks like

βœ” You will answer some questions during your booking that will give us great information on how we can map out your plan for success.

When you book the call you get:
Manifest Your Freedom Life and Business Masterclass
which includes:

βœ”  Clarity on how to exacly create a freedom business and life. 

βœ”  The exact formula me and others use to build long-term success and how you can do it too! 

βœ”  Details on how to achieve the impact, wealth, and freedom you are looking for.  

βœ”  Guidance on navigating common pitfalls that could slow down your progress. 

βœ”  A special opportunity for you to have a thriving business and life.

And who am I?
I'm Patricia, just a normal person who discovered something extraordinary.

Therefore, I have become a life and business coach dedicated to guiding warm-hearted, impact-driven souls like you towards the freedom-based life and business you've been dreaming of.

In my journey to freedom, I discovered keys that were once hidden from many.
I wish someone had shown me these when I felt stuck in the past.

Now, I'm living a life that I once thought was a distant dream.

My partner and I have been able to travel the world, create our own schedule, and give back to the world.  

Often, I have to pinch myself to realise I live a life that I so deeply desired just a few years ago.

Now I'm here to help YOU as well to shift from playing small to living a freedom-based life.

Let's Chat and Create Your Freedom

 If this resonates with your vision for a bigger, purpose-filled life, let's talk!
No fancy sales pitchesβ€”just a friendly chat about turning these ideas into your reality.
Don't wait for the stars to align; let's align them ourselves.