Hi there!

Let me tell me a bit about me…

 I`m Patricia and I am proud of having guided thousands of women into their power since 2014 when I attended my first coaching training

Since then, I have taken more courses and education than I would have needed, dived into the healing field and worked with women’s sexuality, body presence and self- leadership.

I have met women at their most intimate and most vulnerable parts.

 But also my own.

 I have had the honour of seeing how women reclaimed their own power, desire, and change their whole life.

“Just” by following the inner guidance.

The inner wise woman.

The heart.
The Sage.  

That power can meet every fear, challenge and obstacle.

I´m a down-to-earth nature lover, geeked on everything, which is called personal development.

 I  grew up on a small island in the Finnish-Swedish archipelago of the Nordics in a village with not more than 30 people.

After living in a (for me big) city in the south of Sweden for many years my heart called me to the other side of the globe – to Australia.

 I was unconsciously drawn there to start a new, exciting chapter in my life.
A longing to find more of a business and life on my own terms that also brought me to the man of my life.  

If someone had told me ten years ago that I could:  

-live full time on my gift,

-have the freedom to travel to magical places around the world whenever I wanted

-decide what I am doing with my time
-do what I love most
I would have a hard time believing it!  

And if someone had also told me that I would have dared to;  

-put myself out there,
-being visible infront of thousands of women
-setting up sold out courses
-attracting magical soul clients

-and lived in the most magical places and paradises
-with my laptop as a workplace
-together with my dream man
then I would easily think it was a joke.

 But I know that anything is possible when we shift what we believe in,
that, which is not at all true about ourselves.
 When we realise that we are so much more than what we think.  

I have made a journey from diminishing myself,
not valuing who I am or seeing the power of my uniqueness.  

To dare to believe in me, follow what feels right in the heart no matter what.
 So that I now dare to stand in my truth and share what I know, I came here for
 – even if it sometimes can feel challenging and scary

 But now, I know how to meet my fears and overcome the boundaries
that want to keep me small and diminish my light.  

If I can do it – you can as well!  

Join me on the journey to step out, step up

and step deeper into the most magnificent, powerful you.  

People are waiting for you!

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My background

 I was drawn to reading books on personal development and spirituality when I was 15. It was four years before my best friend the same age passed away from cancer, which gave me a deeper understanding of life and death.  
Since 2012, I have held coaching, workshops and courses in personal development. I have also worked in deeper individual body treatments for women to open up to their potential physically, emotionally and spiritually through “Yonimapping therapy”.
In 2021 and 2022 I successfully created and delivered a deeply transformative course for women online. This course has given the women dedicated more access than ever to their own lives and potential. These women experienced the course as life-changing.

Part of my education and experience

Business and consulting coaching certification, Evercoach, 2022

 Beautiful You Academy coaching certification, 2019 (Julie Parker)

 Zencoaching level 1, 2018 (Kåre Landfalth)

Yonimapping Therapy practitioner training certification- the Bliss method, 2017 (Bonnie Bliss)
 Health coach certification, 2014 (Lillsved folk high school)

 Access consciousness training, Foundation + level 1 (2013)

 Reconnective Healing training, 2013 (Eric Pearl)

 We Create life coaching training, 2012 (Daniel Sa Nogueira)

 Studied and practised red and white tantra since 2011

Teacher’s degree 2007 (Malmö University)

Drama pedagogy degree 2008 ( Malmö University)

 Studied and have taken countless courses, and training in personal development and business coaching since 2010
Started a performance company (fire, dance, theatre, mask, bodypainting) with a group of friends 2011

I have held courses and groups in physical and online in voice work, theatre and body expression.

I have studied voice and singing since I was 17 years old and created ” free your voice – workshops”.

 I have held women’s circles for many years and participated in several different circles during many years.